Summer tour Minister Schavan


On August 15, 2012 a member of the german government visited us to have her first autonomous ride. The summer tour of Dr. Annette Schavan (Federal Minister of Education and Research) focuses on innovation. " I want to get an exact picture in different regions of Germany, of contributions which science and research make to solving important questions for the future..", Mrs Schavan summarized.

DW/ Richard Fuchs

Press Release, 9/20/11


Autonomous Car Navigates the Streets of Berlin

Researchers from the Free University of Berlin traveled 80 Km in total as passengers during a test drive of their autonomous car “MadeInGermany” made over the weekend. The car is driven by computers -- the safety driver behind the steering wheel monitors only the car’s behavior. The autonomous car is a conventional VW Passat modified for “drive by wire”. Electronic commands from the computer are handed over directly to the accelerator, the brakes and the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Einladung zur Pressekonferenz am 16. September und zur Erprobungsfahrt am 17. September

Wissenschaftler der Freien Universität Berlin präsentieren erstmals die Fahrten ihres autonomen Autos MadeInGermany im öffentlichen Straßenverkehr der Hauptstadt. Das von unsern Forschern modifizierte Fahrzeug eines deutschen Automobilkonzerns erkennt seine Umgebung mithilfe spezieller Sensoren und kann damit jedes Ziel in der Stadt selbstständig ansteuern.

First autonomous driving session on the Autobahn

Our testing team was accompanied by the Discovery Channel when we had our first autonomous driving session on the Autobahn. It was presented in the "Daily Planet's" opening show for 2011. You can watch the video here.

Permission to test autonomous functions on Berlin roads


AutoNOMOS Labs finally received an exceptional permission to test autonomous functions in real traffic situations. The matured safety concept which we developed with the support of TÜV NORD and our new sponsor HDI Gerling Industry Insurances includes a safety driver (acting as a “driving teacher”) and a copilot who both can take control of the car in situations which seem too risky for autonomous driving. In a step-by-step process we are now going to apply the functions we have been testing on our testing grounds of Tempelhof Airport over the last 4 years to the roads of Berlin. We are looking forward to presenting a completely autonomous trip through the city center of Berlin in August. Media representatives are invited to register via email: More information, pictures and interviews will be provided when the date is fixed. Until then our researchers will concentrate on scientific progress.

Brain Driver

After testing iPhone, iPad and an eye-tracking device as possible user interfaces to maneuver our research car named “MadeInGermany”, we now also use Brain Power as you can see in our new video:

Brain Driver video

Video" Beam Me Up" - Autonomous Taxi Service


Our latest youtube video, which shows how an autonomous taxi service could look like, has been viewed by more than 145.000 people during last month.

The clip was ranked:

#1 - Most Viewed (October 2010) - Science & Technology - Germany

#1 - Top Favorited (October 2010) - Science & Technology - Germany

#129 - Most Viewed (October 2010) - Germany

#24 - Most Discussed (October 2010) - Science & Technology - Germany

Information for presentation MiG 10/13/2010


In this flyer (german) you get press information about the new concept car "Made in Germany". The PDF also includes many high quality pictures.

Pick me up!


Today we proudly presented our latest autonomous driving solution: how to call an autonomous taxi via iPad.


The autonomous car is capable of picking you up at a random location.

Please view the Autonomous taxi call videoprovided video for more details.

Updated team section


The team section was revised and now features an individual page for each lab with pictures and descriptions of each team member.

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